I’m Federico and since 2015 I make works with my 3D printed, to delight, gaming and study.
On this website you will discover the creative process behind every work: the planning, the modeling and the production, all collected in my blog, where you can tell me what do you think about it with a comment.
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If you are interested, I can help you to achieve a project that you love!
Did you imagine the perfect gift for your friend and want it to be a custom gadget unforgettable?!
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Latest articles published on my blog

3D printed rack miniature of an outpost tower – Small temple setting- As I said in the last post, today we are seeing the weapon rack, that the soldier use in the… Continua a leggere
3D printed miniature of the crab with an harp – Sunday crab- As every reign, also the crab reign need some entertainment, and the crab musicians are the best suited for this.… Continua a leggere
Weapon miniature for the rack (part 2) – Small village setting- In this second part we are going to see the remaining weapon I made. Now a brief reappearance. These weapons… Continua a leggere

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