I’m Federico and I found out about 3D printing by accident, surfing on web.
From an early age I had a passion for manual work and saw 3D printing as a way to feed my hobby.
First of all I learned how to use Blender, to develop my projects and not to be limited from the ones online. In 2015 I bought my first 3D printed, the Prusa Ephestus, to 3D print my creations.
My first works was models from thingivers, and some miniatures from tabletop games. I’m continuing to work on the latter, until today.
To enhance the game experience with my friends I also started to specialize on settings for tabletop games.
During the years I realized some custom object on commission, as keychains or penholder. These “success” spurred me on found Fede3DWorkshop that allow me to show my creations on the blog, and make available my skill to you, acquired in these years as self-taught.

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