Chiara – High mountain zone


For this post I created the miniature of a single character, but in different poses, which for order and clarity will be divided into several pages. I do not know the php so I do not know if there is a convenient way to browse through the various pages, but I hope that what I did (on the advice of my Lady) is sufficiently comfortable.
In this introductory page I will show the details common to all the miniatures: the basic model and the colors used. Then on each page I will show the individual poses. This is because when I thought about the character, I had in mind the character and behavior, but not a particular pose, so I sketched some of them and in the end I chose to do them all.
The character I show today is Chiara, from the same world as Caladrel, and she is his sister; he is part of the city guard and uses two-handed weapons and shields.
That said, I wanted to make an armor as equipment, which at the beginning should have been almost complete, leaving only the legs uncovered, but then I also removed the part covering the stomach. You do not need too many protections when you can avoid the blows! (and then in case it has the shield).
As a weapon I chose a spear, while as shield was used a tower shield.

The 3D model

To make this model, I started as always from my female model.

Figure 1 – Chiara’s model before being put into pose

For the clothes I used the modifier subdivision surface and mirror while for the armor, apart from the top of the armor, I used only mirrors.
Both the skirt and the shirt (the green parts) are solid blocks that I have done more as references than to cover. Above these I then put the metal parts of the armor. These are simple to do: start from a cube, reduce the thickness and create a loop in the middle (ctrl + r):

Figure 2 – The cube with just created the loop

Then, the edges of the edges are moved a little farther from the central ones and you have the fold, as seen in the image below.

Figure 3

I created these polygons for the skirt, the shoulder straps and the boots and gloves. In particular, for the last two, I made sure that the armor polygons were superimposed with the brown-colored parts (which should be leather or a similar material).

Figure 4 – The model of Chiara without armor.
The hands have not yet been removed
Figure 5 – The armor

For the shield I did the same job as for the metal parts, but in addition I added a central recess and the metal spike in the middle.
For the recess I created the cube with the desired thickness, then selecting the front face and pressing I (it’s a capital i, unfortunately this font can generate doubts) I created the edges, finally I extruded the new central face inwards. Finally I slightly arched the shield as seen above.

Figure 6 – The shield and the spear

I did not add the sockets to the shield because in no pose I show here it is kept as protection. However, to make them would be enough of the cylinders, as I did for Caladrel’s armguard.

The 3D printing

Given the standard size of the character, the model has been scaled to 10x and all the miniatures have been printed with the 0.1mm high layers. For all three poses I used both the brim and the support.
In all cases the miniatures are about 32mm high, glued on a 25mm base.


To paint the models I used these colors:

  • Cadian fleshtone
  • Runegang steel


  • Gold
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Light blue
  • Dark green

The first of the Citadel and the seconds of the Tamiya.


The poses I show follow the order that I have marked myself on my notes, for pure my comfort, for the reader does not change anything. When I did the drawings, I numbered everything randomly and then I started working on them that inspired me the most at the time.

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This is a translation for the original italian post: Chiara – High mountain zone

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