Chiara – High mountain zone

Pose 5


This is the first pose I’ve worked on, very static and simple. As usual I tried to print it in one piece, but given some imperfections that we will see later, I also did a test by printing it in two separate pieces, the body and the spear.

The 3D model

For this pose, I limited myself to moving the arms, keeping all the rest unchanged, just arranging the sleeves and shoulder straps. As always, I then superimposed the gloves on the part of the corresponding hand and deleted the latter.

Figure 7 – The model of Chiara posing
Figure 8

In order to print it in separate pieces I divided the glove at the wrist, leaving the part of the hand attached to the spear.

The 3D printing

Both models required about 28 minutes of printing and for both supports generated with Cura were sufficient.

Figure 9 – The model printed as a single piece,
after having been removed from the printing bed and removed the support material

This version showed many smudges between the body and the spear, very difficult to remove, which caused the rod to break when they were removed. Fortunately, the pieces did not come off completely and I managed to keep them together with the glue, even if not perfectly aligned, as seen in the figure above. In addition, the tip of the spear is not well defined, but untidy, due to the heat of the extruder.
This effect always occurs when printing a very small part and the extruder remains too long in a small area. This can be avoided by placing a “dummy” piece, such as a parallelepiped or a cylinder, flanked to the miniature during printing, so as to move the extruder away from the model enough time for it to cool off a little.

Figure 10 –
The model printed in two pieces, just taken off the printer bed

In the second version, however, things have gone better, the spear is more defined and there are less smudges. The problem of the heat of the extruder, however, can be seen here in the hair, which seem to fall in front of the forehead.
Once the excess material was removed I glued the body to the base and attached the spear was immediate.

The painted miniature

Here is the final result of both

Figure 11 –
The model printed as a single piece,
Figure 12 –
The model printed as a single piece,
Figure 13 –
The model printed in two pieces, front
Figure 14 – The model printed in two pieces, back
Figure 15 –
Comparison between the two miniatures.
On the left the one-piece one, on the right the one in separate parts

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