Chiara – High mountain zone

Pose 4


This is a variant of the previous pose, in which she holds the shield on the ground rather than holding it on her back. If I had been more careful it would have been a 5 minute job, but in spite of myself saving the pose 5 file was too advanced, making it impossible to make the necessary changes. So I had to do it all over again. Obviously it was not a problem given the simplicity of the miniature.

The 3D model

For the posing I followed the same procedure of the pose 5, only with the shield positioned differently.

The 3D printing

Like the previous ones, this also required about 28 minutes of printing, and the same considerations made before for the model printed as a single block are valid.

Figure 16 –
the miniature just taken off the printer bed

The only difference from the previous one is that during the removal of the support material I removed the shield, which I later glued when I attached everything to the base.
For this I did not make a second version printed in two pieces as I did not consider it necessary, since the same problems encountered I had solved them (and discussed) in the previous pose.

The painted miniature

Here is the painted model

Figure 17 – Chiara’s model completed

Figure 18
Figure 19 –
The comparison between this and the previous pose. You can see the errors on both: the rod of the broken spear and the broken point

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