Chiara – High mountain zone

Pose 1


This is the last pose I’ve worked on and I’ll show in this post. I immediately say that I made a mistake, in the sense that it seems to be charging, while I wanted one on guard, fixed. What changes between the two? The position of the retracted foot.

The 3D models

This is the model that required more work. I always try to keep one or more fixed parts, to facilitate the arrangement of the armor. Here I tried to keep the torso still, rotating the pelvis, after having placed the legs specially.
In this way I only had to fix the lower part of the armor, except for the rest unaltered (obviously the arms and gloves are a separate topic).

Figure 20 –
The model of Chiara posing
Figure 21

The 3D printing

You do not notice from the previous images, but the front foot is slightly higher than the back one because when I did the pose I did not use a base as a reference (very serious mistake!!!). This has created problems of adhesion to the plane during printing, which I solved by placing a base 0.5mm high, but eliminates the tip of the foot back. In addition, the supports generated with Cura were not sufficient and I had to add manually other supports.

Figure 22 –
The model used for printing. You can notice the supports I had to add
Figure 23 – The model just removed from the printer bed

Despite the smudged material, the miniature is well defined, especially the spear, compared to previous cases. However, this also presents the problem of the hair that falls on the forehead, as in the pose 5.
This took about 28 minutes to print.

The painted miniature

Here is the finished work

Figure 24 –
The completed model
Figure 25
Figure 26

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This is a translation for the original italian post: Chiara – High mountain zone

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