Chiara – High mountain zone


In this post I showed you the first three poses on which I worked, but I will show the others in future articles.
I would like to say something that could be useful for beginners: a couple of years ago I read online that sometimes it is useful to place a sponge with one or two drops of oil before the extruder system, so that everything is lubricated and at the same time clean the filament from any dust. Whether it’s true or not, it’s something I’ve tried. Since I’ve done it, I have not had any prints interrupting in half because of the clogging of the extruder, something that happened to me from time to time. There is a but, that is to pay close attention to the oil: this also comes in the extruder and it happened to me more than once that before the filament was extruded, the oil came down, going to dirty the printer bed (which is covered with the blue ribbon of 3M); the oil makes the area too slippery, making it virtually impossible for the filament to adhere to the printer bed.
So my advice is: if you plan to use this method, pay close attention to the amount of oil used. However, consider that this happened to me only when I exaggerated with the drops of oil.

I would like to finish by talking a bit about the character, so that if the High Mountain Zone meshes I have something ready and I should not be writing posts apart.
Chiara comes from a character I read years ago somewhere in the maze of the internet, a sort of Italian Lara Croft.
She prefers the action, without thinking twice and is always on the front line during the fights, despite using weapons like spears. She has a predilection for two-handed weapons and hates in any way those that require only one hand, such as swords and daggers. It’s human but it’s Caladrel’s sister (they have only one parent in common, though I do not know which one) and she works as a guard in their village. Given the tranquility of the area, knows how to enjoy the peace, despite being a perfectionist in everything she does and always aims to give her best.

With this I also concluded this post! I hope I have not forgotten anything important and have been clear. In case I will add the possible omissions in the next article about this character.

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This is a translation for the original italian post: Chiara – High mountain zone

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