Christmas keyring – various

Although is already january I still write about some Christmas keychains, both because I have not done in time and because I think they do not clash in periods beyond Christmas.

The keychains are the gingerbread man and the christmas star (the plant), both the plate.

the 3D model completed of the christmas star

the 3D model completed of the gingerbread man

Gingerbread man

Although I had it on my to-do list, I did not work on it until it was asked as a Christmas order, and I was given a reference image, which made my job easier.

The 3D model

Like many of these models, I just traced the reference image, vertex by vertex. I started from a plan to create the base of the body, with the mirror modifier. For each part, as usual, I gave thickness through an extrusion along the Z axis.

the body of the gingerbread man

Then I added the decorations. For the eyes and buttons I used circumferences
while for the ribbon, the mouth and the decorations on the arms and legs I used plans. To all these I applied a slight bevel to soften the models.

the decorations of the gingerbread man

the gingerbread man with the decoration on

To finish I added the ring on top of the head

the finished model of the gingerbread man

The 3D print

For printing I used 0.2mm high layers and neither brim nor supports were needed.
Since I had to paint it completely, the color of the filament is not important, so I chose gray because it is a neutral color.

But I found a problem, that is, when printing the last layers of the body, the extruder does not extrude well, leaving a slightly uncovered part. It is a minor flaw that almost can not be seen, even less once painted.
For this reason, even if there were no problems to print more than one at once, I preferred to print them individually to limit this flaw.

the gingerbread man just removed from the printer bed

The painting

One thing that initially stuck me in painting is color. I did not know if a light brown was enough or if I had to make a mixture, so I went in search of the best acrylic color, and here the destiny wanted me to find the perfect one: the biscuit color.

the acrylic biscuit color

So I could paint the body with this color, while I made the details red, green and cream white.

the keychain of the gingerbread man finished

Among all, this is the keyring that made my fingers dirty, having to paint completely and not having unpainted points from which hold it.

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