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Here we are at the penultimate miniature of the characters of my fellow d&d. Let’s talk about Darreth the alchemist.
For the look I received a fairly accurate description: black boots, brown trousers, a knitting jackets that OBVIOUSLY does not have sleeves (although the internet thinks differently, but ultimately I can do as I want), a band to life and one to the head; a morning star as a weapon. He wanted the character in the form of a dragon.
He also gave me a multitude of choices about the pose, but I took the first one he told me, that is, with his right hand pointing forward.

The 3D model

When I started this job I was pretty terrified of things to do, but it was all much easier than I expected.
I used the subdivision surface and mirror modifiers for both the clothing and the added parts.

Figure 1 – The Darreth model. The imperfections that have been placed afterwards are still noticeable. The head of the basic model and the hands have not yet been removed
Figure 2 – Note that the flakes on the tail are still missing

As a base I used the male body model, to which I added the head of a dragon (resized properly) and the wings of a succubus, both taken from models I had done in the past. I did not use the wings of the dragon because at the time they created problems during the printing phase, also my friend told me to use these.
To attach the head to the body I also redone the neck, removing that of the basic model.
I created the hands as if they were gloves: a part that reaches up to the middle of the hand and then the fingers separated. Then once the pose is settled I placed them on the hands of the male model and I deleted the latter.

Figure 3 – The hand.
It has only four fingers since are larger than normal and there was not enough space

The tail is my personal addition as I have never received an answer regarding its presence or not.
Moving on to clothing, to make trousers and boots, I followed the procedure of the previous miniatures, while the knitting jackets I modeled as if it were a normal shirt. Although it was feasible to make the rings that compose it, they would have been so small as not to be noticed once printed.
Finally, the belt is composed of a suitably shaped cube, always to have solid models.

Figure 4 – In detail the belt

Since the head is that of a dragon, I had no idea how to put a band on it and so I avoided it.
The weapon was the first morning star I modeled and I did not know how to make the spikes, the result can be seen in the image below.

Figure 5 – The morning star. The left weapon shows the various parts that compose it

The pose was simple: first I placed the arms, and only after the legs. Then I replaced the hands that I redone and deleted those of the basic model.
After fixing the pose I also added the flakes on the tail.

Figure 6 – Darreth posing. The head and hands of the base model have been removed
Figure 7 – Spikes have been added to the tail

The 3D printing

Also for Darreth I set the height of the layers to 0.1mm and took about 45 minutes to print. The miniature is 35mm high, glued on a 25mm base. This is also part of the miniatures scaled to 11x instead of 10x because of size.

Figure 8 – The miniature of Darreth just taken off the printer bed

As for Van, the supports generated with Cura were not sufficient and I had to add “dummy” pieces as support for the wings, which were subsequently removed together with the excess material.

Figure 9 – On the right,
at the base of the wing you can see the “dummy” piece
of support to the wing

Unfortunately the hands did not come out very detailed and you do not particularly notice the fingers, especially the nails that I had to emphasize with the painting.


To paint this miniature I used:

  • Ceramite white
  • Abaddon black
  • Evil sunz scarlet
  • Runefang steel
  • Leadbelcher


  • Marrone

And a mixture

  • Ceramite white e Troll slayer orange 1:1

The first of the Citadel and the seconds of the Tamiya.

Figure 10 – The miniature of Darreth painted
Figure 11
Figure 12

While painting it I tried to highlight the spikes and especially the nails, with a white tip. I also added a part to the wing: the wings of the succubus are completely formed by the membrane, while those of the dragons have more bones that support the membrane. In this case I added these extra parts with the paint.
For the armor I used a Leadbelcher base and hoped to be able to give the effect of the rings using the Runefang steel, but the final result is a striped armor.

With this it’s all! See you next time!

This is a translation for the original italian post: Darreth – miniatura gdr

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