Heart-shaped jewel case

It’s Valentine’s Day and I know I skipped my date with the Tuesday post, but since what I show today is a surprise I prepared for my Lady, this time I decided to move the day of publication. Also momentarily I am slowed down in the press by the fact that I have been asked for the storage chest I showed last week, and that I am running out of brown filament too.
I also apologize, that as already happened before, taken too much from work (and also from the insecurity of how it would come out) I did not pay much attention to the video / photographic documentation of the work in progress.
But just linger and let’s see what I invented!


Generally I do not understand much about gifts, so if I have the opportunity I prefer to create a little thought of this type rather than spending time and money to look for something blindly.
Since last week I dedicated myself to a storage chest, I wanted to keep on the same type of object, but suitable for the occasion, or in the shape of a heart. To avoid problems and unnecessary work though, I avoided putting hinges, thus leaving two separate pieces.

The 3D model

As I said before, I do not have a video to present, but this is not a problem as I have limited myself to modeling only one cube, using the modifier mirror (in clipping mode), subdivision surface and solidify.
I modeled the cube using just two vertical loops and four horizontal loops (created with ctrl + r) because subdivision surface thought to make the model more rounded.

Figure 1 – The finished jewel case, before being divided

The only thing that I regret is that I could not give the bulge that I wanted at the top, making it so flat.
After creating the model I divided it into two parts, to get the two covers, and it went really well, since it was enough to create a central loop (with ctrl + r) and then, selecting the vertices of the top, separate them (pressing P) from the lower ones.

Figure 2 – The separate box covers.
The vertices of the upper part are highlighted. It can also be noted that the solidify modifier is already present

Finally, since they are objects to be printed, I gave them a thickness using solidify, to automatically create the walls.
As you can see from the figure above, I did not create pins for the joint, in fact I realized that the central loop was not perfectly straight, having moved some vertices of the tip. This created a “wave effect” that I wanted to try to exploit to hold the pieces together once the box was closed.

Figure 3 – In evidence the vertices of the central loop,
not perfectly aligned on the z axis

The 3D printing

In this print I set the height of the layers to 0.2mm and took about 2 hours of time; the box has a diameter of about 6cm.
The supports with Cura were sufficient, perhaps even excessive, as they left many marks on the finished model, which I could not remove even by filing, even if I made them a little smoother.
On the other hand, the system that I thought to exploit to keep the box closed works, even if it must be reversed with respect to the initial idea (the lid becomes the bottom and vice versa).


With this work I really pulled out the artist in me. The exterior from the beginning should have been red, but the interior? I usually do not like to paint the inside of the cans because the smell of the paint remains for a long time, which I find very annoying, especially if you have to put something on it.
Having printed with the brown filament has saved me, in fact, thinking back to the fact that San Valentino is given chocolates, I decided not to touch it, making it seem filled with chocolate.
Finally, after having painted with red, since there were flat surfaces, I wanted to add a writing.

Figure 4 – The jewel case finished and painted. On the left the lower part while on the right the upper part
Figure 5 – The inside of the jewel case

In detail, I used this paints:

  • Ceramite white
  • Evil sunz scarlet

Both of the Citadel.


Happy Valentine’s Day Blorpina <3

This is a translation for the original italian post: SPortaoggetti a forma di cuore

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