Lectern and stoup – stone temple

Another furniture of the stone temple though I don’t know if is correct catalog the lectern and the stoup like furniture.

the finished miniatures of the lectern adn the stoup

The lectern

In past I had already tried to create a lectern, sober and generic, but I did not consider it suitable for the stone temple, so I remade it.

an old version of the lectern

Here the comparison from the old one and the new

the comparison between the old versione and the new

The 3D model

For almost every piece I used the mirror modifier, apart some part like the book, splittting it in 4 pieces.

At the base I put 2 cubes. The pedestal is also a cube, with some cylinder at the vertex as decorations.

the 3D model of the pedestal

The “desk” is composed by 2 pieces, both from cubes, the “desk” and its support. The latter is needed to don’t let empty spaces, that create problems during the 3D printing.

the lectern with its support

In the back I added 2 candlesticks, with their candles, all made with cylinders, with some spheres as decorations.
The flame is also a sphere, stretched using the proportional editing.

the candles in the back

The book is made of cubes, both the cover and the pages. To create the swell of the pages I used some loop (ctrl+R).

the 3D model of the book, with the vertex highlighted

And the work is finished.

the 3D model of the lectern finished

the back view of the lectern

The 3D printing

Since the model is really small, and I wanted all details, I set the height of the layer to 0.1mm, without using supports.
I didn’t use them because I already knew I did not need them, and to reduce the flaw caused by them. Anyway some smear remained.

a detail of the lectern

I tried to remove the smears, but I did not have the suited tools,and this is the result. From the photos it’s seems is a big problem, but actually they are not noticed.

For the filament I chose the grey one, because it’s a neutral color and it don’t create problems while painting.

The painting

For painting I used Citadel paint:

  • Dawnstone
  • Mechanicus standard grey
  • Abaddon black
  • Rhinox hide
  • Ceramite white
  • Yriel yellow
  • Evil sunz scarlet

with a bit of gold from Tamiya.

As usual I did not painted with some techniques, but I tried to add some detail with gold, and some “write” on the book pages.
For the flames I paint with a yellow paint, with the tip red.

the finished miniature of the lectern

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