Lectern and stoup – stone temple

The stoup

I don’t know if exist a term more appropriate, because this is a stoup with blood, in an evil temple.

The 3D model

The pedestal is the same I created for the lectern, at which I added the stoup.

For the stoup I used a cilyinder, and a semi-sphere thickened with the solidify modifier. Inside the semi-sphere I put a cilinder as blood, to fill.

a detail of the stoup

In the middle I put a little fountain, a cylinder modelled with some loops (ctrl+R) with some gush of blood, made in the same way.

the little fountain in the stoup

Then I added some decoration. I did not have any idea how to do them, so I limited myself to something easy and sober, not to much detailed. I used a cube leaf-shaped that follow the stoup and the pedestal

a decoration of the stoup

And also this model is finished

the 3d model of the stoup finished

The 3D printing

As the lectern, I set the layer heigh to 0.1mm, without using supports.
However here I there are not smears on the pedestal, only on the blood stream, that I did not removed because it’s to fragile.


To paint it I used the same patter I used for the lectern, adding:

  • Light brown (Tamiya)
  • Khorne red (Citadel)

Here too I did not used any kind of technique.

the finished miniatured of the stoup

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