Small temple introduction- Small village setting

Small temple introduction- Small village setting

Today we start with a new building in the village: the small temple. I didn’t show it in the presentation article of the small village because it had to be the guard tower of the soldiers.

As I just said, it had to be a ruined tower, fixed by the city militia, to use it as outpost, around which arose the little village.
However during the works I had an idea to create an altar with some little ceremonial object, specific for a temple, that there wasn’t in the village. I didn’t want to keep pending these new models so I remade the soldier tower in a temple. This new building can still have a tower, like a bell tower, and don’t need too many changes of the background.

Little temple background

The city militia decided to use a tower of a ruined temple in a woods as a outposto, since there was a tower. So they renovated the building, and used it as a home.
Around the temple arise the small village, and the temple returned to his original function, aside the tower still used by the soldiers.
The milia moved to a new house, with some bed and a office for the captain.

In the first version of the tower there was a basement used as a jail, but I think it’s not so necessary. The village is pretty small, with about 30 villagers and the only threats are the bandits in the woods around. This mean it’s difficult to make prisoners, and they can always use some room as jail.

The furniture of the small temple

In this temple it’s not venerated a specific deity. I think that everyone can venerate whoever the villagers wants, but usually, since they are few people, they venerate the same cult.
The temple is pretty small and have in it just an altar, some shelf for the ceremonial objects, some bench and some brazier to illuminate.

The tower is quite bare, since the soldier use almost only the last floor. On the top there is a bell, used as alarm or as clock, a brazier and some bow with the arrows. To go up or down there is a ladder and a manhole. On every floor there are some weapon rack, some crate and barrels, with some object as a ropes and lanterns.

And finally

In the next articles i’ll work only on the little temple and the tower, while I’ll work on the house of the city militia in future.

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