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Notice: what I’m going to show today is a miniature that I did some time ago, since at this moment I do not have much time available. However, I am already working on the next job.

I take this opportunity to warn that sometimes, I will use the article on Tuesday to propose some of my old works.
Furthermore, as for Chiara‘s post, this will also be divided into several pages, for greater clarity.


Today’s model is the miniature of the “Stone Golem”, taken from Pathfinder’s bestiary 1. This is one of the few big sized creatures I’ve done so far.
Since the creature is humanoid, I had no trouble doing three different poses: one is represented in the image of the manual, while the other two elaborated by me, with different weapons.

The 3D model

So far I have always shown that for the miniatures of people (and in the future also humanoid creatures) I have always used the basic male or female model. In this work, however, since I had not yet created them, I did each part of the body separately.

Figure 1 – The model of the stone golem
Figure 2

In this way the models are slightly superimposed on each other and it is very easy to place them in position, moving them and rotating them individually, without the need for a skeleton.
To help me with the modeling I used the modifier mirror and subdivision surface, but I did not worry too much that the shapes were precise, as they represent a creature carved in the rock, so any imperfections can also be there.
I have not even given particular importance to the details, see the face, both because it should be a statue, which I imagined with the features sketchy enough (although in the manual are detailed), both because it is the first large-sized miniature that I printed I did not know how many details would have been reproduced. In fact up to then I had limited myself to creatures of medium size, on which they were not reproduced many.
Finally I created the weapons and the shield in the same way. In particular I made the double swords, as per manual, a sword and an axe coupled with the shield.

Figure 3 – The weapons.
From the left, the sword, the broadsword, the ax eand the shield

The 3D printing

All three models were printed with layers set at 0.2mm, requiring about 2 hours of printing each.
Given the size of the creatures, the miniatures are about 70mm high, glued on a 50mm base, although with the space they occupy I think a 40-45mm base would be more appropriate.
For the printing of these (and more or less almost all the miniatures I made at that time) I created a “craft rift”, ie I added a block half a millimeter high as a base. I do not remember why he did it, but it worked, though it often created problems with its removal, when the contact surface was too high.


Since they are made of rock, the only color I used was the Tamiya gray. I had thought to add also the details of the moss (as in the image of the manual), but then I preferred to avoid.
Let’s go now to see the individual miniatures.

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This is a translation for the original italian post: Golem di pietra – miniatura gdr

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