This miniature was requested from a friend of mine, to use it in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that we’re currently playing.
She’s a female Shapeshifter Kitsune: I used some pirate-looking clothes as reference for her outfit, her offensive pose and the fox tail, too.
The final model is what I’ve been able to achieve by following these lines, along with the request.

I didn’t attach any reference, since I can’t remember and give a proper source or credit. (more…)

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Darreth – rpg miniature

Introduction Here we are at the penultimate miniature of the characters of my fellow d&d. Let's talk about Darreth the alchemist. For the look I received a fairly accurate description: black boots, brown trousers, a knitting jackets that OBVIOUSLY does not have sleeves (although the internet thinks differently, but ultimately…

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Van – rpg miniature

Introduction After Inari, I continue my work with the miniatures of my friends' characters in the d&d campaign we are playing. This time it's Van's turn, our half-orc inquisitor. To make the clothes, I referred to the inquisitor's character shown in the player's manual: a light armor covered by a…

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