Roof of the shed

The roof is the last part of the shed, and it’s the one that worry me the most. The final result is not too bad, but it is not what I wanted. The 3D model The roof is made of 2 pieces: the boards and the beam. For the first…

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Walls of the shed

The 3D model

Before start the 3D modelling I designed the walls, to include the corner, and since every side of the wall was a single block the work was easier.

The first thing I made was positioning the pillars on the corners, and then along every side, the most equidistand possible.

Every pillar is a cube with diameter of 0.75cm (same width as the bases), to wich I applied bevel adn then made the wood grains in sculpt mode.

the pillars finished and positioned, of the 3D model of the miniature of the shed, made with blender


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Fountain – stone temple

This is certainly the most elaborate model of the stone temple and finally, after all this great waiting, let's see how I created it! I do not remember exactly where the idea came from, since it's been a long time, probably from diablo, as well as other parts of this…

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